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356 v2.0 Institution for undergraduate course code


A code which indicates for a student commencing a postgraduate course the institution at which the undergraduate work was undertaken.


First year:1994
Last year:1998
Field name:PRIOR-UG-INST
Element name:Institution for undergraduate course code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (numeric), right justified, with leading zeros if needed


0001Not commencing a postgraduate course

Commencing a postgraduate course and the undergraduate work was undertaken at:

1000 to 4998Institution code
4999Unknown institution
0002An Australian institution other than one listed in the institution classification
0003An overseas institution
0004Commencing a postgraduate course and no undergraduate work was undertaken at an institution

Coding notes

Refer to Appendix A - Codes and Names Used for Higher Education Institutions.

​In cases where undergraduate work was completed at more than one institution the code to be assigned relates to the institution at which the most related work was undertaken.

Input files

​Past Element

Change History

​24 December 1993