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353 v2.0 Semester in which the load occurs code


A code which identifies the semester in which the student load being reported for a unit of study or part of a unit of study occurs.


First year:1994
Last year:1996
Field name:SEMESTER
Element name:Semester in which the load occurs code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (alphanumeric)


For all institutions except OLAA

Student load occurs in:

1Semester 1
2Semester 2
3Summer school

To be used by OLAA only

Student load relates to open learning studies undertaken through OLAA and occurs in the study period commencing:


Coding notes

For all institutions except OLAA:

Student load for units of study undertaken in the break between semester 1 and semester 2 is to be reported as student load for semester 2.

Student load for units that are undertaken after 31 August and

  • are completed before 31 December in the same year are to be reported as student load for Semester 2 of that year.
  • continue after 31 December of the same year should be reported in Semester 1 of the following year.

For OLAA only:

"D", "M", "J" and "S" relate to the study period in which a unit or units of study are being undertaken (e.g. "D" relates to the December study period).

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Change History

​5 February 1997