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333 Academic organisational unit code


A code assigned by the institution which uniquely identifies the academic organisational unit providing a unit of study or part of a unit of study.


First year:1987
Last year:1996
Field name:AOU
Element name:Academic organisational unit code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (alphanumeric), left justified, with trailing blanks if need


000 to zzzAcademic organisational unit code assigned by the institution

Coding notes

In the collection the code assigned to each academic organisational unit must uniquely identify it within the institution and must remain unchanged from year to year, unless otherwise agreed with the Department of Employment, Education and Training.

It is important that institutions use the same academic organisational units (and code names) in the student load, staff and finance collections.

Input files

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Change History

​21 July 1986