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328 v3.0 Course commencement date


A code which indicates the month and year in which the student commenced the current course for the first time


First year:1994
Last year:1999
Element name:Course commencement date

Code format:

Data Type:Date
Units:MMYY, right justified (in each sub-field), with a leading zero (in each sub-field) if needed


0170 to 1299Date student commenced the course in MMYY format

Coding notes

MMYY format:

  • 1st 2 digits - Month sub-field (e.g. 06)
  • 2nd 2 digits - Year sub-field (e.g. 78)

In some cases, what may be regarded by an institution as a course commencement may not be regarded as such by DETYA. Care will need to be exercised in determining what constitutes a course commencement and reference should be made to the definition of a commencing student in the Glossary.

Where a student commenced the course prior to 1970, the code "0170" is to be assigned.

For OLAA purposes, the course commencement date is to reflect the first time a student commenced a unit of study through the OLAA.

Input files

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​23 February 1999