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305 v1.0 File code


A code which identifies the file.


First year:1987
Last year:1993
Field name:FILE
Element name:File code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (numeric), right justified, with a leading zero if needed


01Course File
02Institution File
03Student Enrolment File
04Class File
05Full‑time and Fractional Full‑time Staff File
06Projected Course Commencements File
07Projected Student Load by Discipline Group File
08Projected student load by Broad Field of Study File
09HECS Liability Status File
10Past Course Completions File
11Awards File
12Student Load File
13Academic Organisational Unit File
14Projected Course Completions File
15Casual Staff File
16PEP/OSP File
17Movements of Staff File
18Outside‑funded Staff File

Coding notes

Input files

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Change History

​24 August 1988