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913 Age code


Age calculated at 31 December in the year prior to the reference year


First year:2000
Last year:-
Field name:AGE AT 31/12/YYYY-1
Element name:Age code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (numeric), right justified, with a leading zero if needed


00Student is born before 1900 or age is unknownIf (VAL (E550 (Reference Year)) minus VAL (four left‑most characters of E314 (Date if birth)) minus 1) < 12 or > 99
12 to 99AgeA value calculated thus: VAL (E550 (Reference year)) minus VAL (four leftmost characters of E314 (Date of birth)) minus 1

E550 = "1989"
E314 = "19590305"
E913 = "29"

Coding notes

YYYYMMDD format:

  • 1st 4 digits - Year sub‑field (e.g. 1986)
  • 2nd 2 digits - Month sub‑field (e.g. 09)
  • 3rd 2 digits - Day sub‑field (e.g. 01)

This element is not used in files provided to the department by universities; it is a "derived" element used in the department's output datasets.

Input files

Derived element

Change History

30 March 1999