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University Applications and Offers Data Collection - 2019 Reporting Requirements

2019 reporting year

This page provides information about the data requirements for the University Applications and Offers data collection 2019 reporting year. Select the tabs below for the information you need.

2019 Ministerial Notice


The 2019 Ministerial Notice was issued on 24 October 2018. The 2019 Reporting Requirements and Change Control document includes information about any changes that have been made since the 2018 reporting year to the files and elements included in the data collection and when you need to report.

Reporting requirements may be updated from time to time. Providers must keep up to date about any changes. Check the HEIMS Data Collections eNews for updates. If you print the requirements ensure you keep up to date - HEIMSHELP provides the latest data requirements at all times.



What do you report?

The 2019 submission guidelines and data elements will be published as new web pages as soon as possible. In the meantime we have all applicable documents available to download in DOCX & PDF format from the Ministerial Notice documents page.



When do you report?

The key dates and reporting deadlines calendar will be updated with the due dates for reporting University Applications and Offers data to the department.

You must report data by the legislated deadlines. It is important that you don't wait to the due date to start reporting your data. You will need enough time to prepare, validate and submit your data. You will need to work through any errors or issues contained in the data before the deadline.

Table A & B providers are required to submit two submissions to the department each year. Tertiary Admission Centres are required to submit five times each year.

Table A & B higher education providers

Report Number Reference Date Submission Date
1 28 Feb 2019: intended to capture applications data, the majority of offers data and early acceptance data. 14 Mar 2019
2 17 May 2019: final data capture on all applications, offers and acceptances for the beginning of the academic year. 31 May 2019

Higher education providers provide data submissions at two points in the admissions process. The first is intended to give indicative progressive data on a limited number of items. Higher education providers have the option of providing 'detailed' data in the first submission.



How do you report?

Providers report University Applications and Offers data using the Higher Education Provider Client Assistance Tool (HEPCAT) which is a PC based application provided by the department. It helps you to prepare, validate and submit your data to HEIMS.

The Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit provides you with all the information you need to successfully install HEPCAT and submit your data. It includes system requirements (what type of PC you need to have), the HEPCAT user guide, access to relevant online training videos and recorded webinars.

Tertiary admission centres submit their data using web services. See the TAC only page for more information.

Need more help?

Our training page provides upcoming training dates and access to recorded webinars and training videos.

We can help you work out a training program for your organisation. Contact us for more information.


TAC only

Additional information for Tertiary Admission Centres

The University Applications and Offers Data Collection was established to make available standardised, comprehensive data on applications and offers for university places. The University Applications and Offers Data Collection is used for policy formulation and advice and will provide data for a range of reports to stakeholders and the public.

The data collection includes records for applications, offers and acceptances by domestic applicants for Commonwealth supported places in higher education undergraduate award courses.

Web Services Technical Specifications

TACs submit data via web services to the department's web service.

Version 1.9 of the technical specifications updates the department's web addresses and applies to all web services reporting from 1 August 2018.