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Unit of Study Completions (CU) scope

Version Details

Version: 6.0
First Year: 2015
Last Year:


The Unit of Study Completions (CU) file records the completion status for each unit of study undertaken by students in the reporting year.

There must be a record in the CU file for every record reported on all Student Load/Liability (LL) files for the reporting year.

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Timing of submissions is detailed in the reporting schedule for the relevant reporting year.

Providers submit the Unit of Study Completions submission once a year. This submission includes the completion status of all units undertaken between 1 January and 31 December of the reporting year.

The submission date in the reporting schedule is the final deadline when data should be received by the department. Data can be submitted prior to the due date.

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Submission method

The CU file is the only file included in the Unit of Study Completions submission.

Submissions are made using the Higher Education Provider Client Assistance Tool (HEPCAT). More information about this process is in the HEPCAT User Guide Part 2.

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Information about the structure and the elements in the CU file is in the structure guidelines for the relevant reporting year.

Each record in the CU file must have a unique combination of values for:

These elements are the key identifiers for a student's unit of study and must be the same as originally reported in the LL file. Each unit of study record will then be updated with the reported completion status (element 355).

A student may have undertaken a unit of study more than once in a reporting year. For example, they may repeat a unit which they previously failed. Where repeats occur, completion status may differ between records with the same values for Unit of study code (element 354). This is acceptable provided they have different values for the Unit of study census date (element 489).

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Records to be excluded

Records for units of study which have been remitted or deleted are to be excluded from this file.

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The Unit of Study Completions submission can also be used to revise previously submitted data. When revising a unit of study completions record it must be submitted with the same key identifiers as originally reported.

Revised data can be submitted at any time. For detailed information on how to revise previously reported load liability data see the higher education revision guides.

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More information

For more information about terms used in these guidelines see the glossary.

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