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Staff Concordance (FC) scope

Version Details

Version: 1.0
First Year: 2014
Last Year:


The Staff Concordance (FC) file enables providers to revise Person Identification codes (E401) that have that have previously been reported to the department.

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Timing of submissions is detailed in the reporting schedule for the relevant reporting year.

Staff concordances may be reported at any time. Multiple submissions may be reported throughout the year.

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Submission method

The Staff Concordance (FC) file is the only file included in a Staff Concordance submission.

Submissions are made using the Higher Education Provider Client Assistance Tool (HEPCAT). More information about this process is in the HEPCAT User Guide.

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Information about the structure and elements of the FC file is in the structure guidelines for the relevant reporting year.

Each record in the FC file must have a unique combination of values for:

  • Person Identification code (Old) (element 401)
  • Person Identification code (New) (element 888)

These elements are the key identifiers for a concordance record. HEIMS uses these key elements to locate existing staff and their records in the database.

All Person Identification codes (Old) must have been previously reported to HEIMS.

For detailed information on how to revise Staff Identification codes see the higher education revision guides.

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More information

For more information about terms used in these guidelines see the glossary.

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