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566 Credit /status Higher Education provider code


A code indicating the Higher Education Provider where the studies for which the credit/RPL was offered were undertaken, for all students with a commencement date of 2008 or later.


Version: 4.0
First year: 2015
Last year: -
Field name: CREDIT-INST
Element name: Credit /status Higher Education provider code

Code format:

Data Type: Numeric
Units: Code (numeric), right justified, with leading zeros if needed
Width: 4


0000​ No higher education credit offered​​​
1000 to 7997​ Higher Education Provider code where credit/RPL was offered on the basis of prior higher education studies undertaken at that Higher Education Provider in Australia​
9999​ Higher Education Provider is not listed in Appendix A​

Coding notes

Choose the provider that contributed the most higher education credit.

If higher education contributed to credit in combination with VET, record the higher education provider in this element and complete elements 562, 563 and 564 for the VET credit.

Refer to Appendix A: Higher Education Providers Codes and Names.

VET only

Reporting of data for this element is optional. VET providers may submit null values (spaces) instead of any of the listed codes

For more information about terms used in these guidelines see the glossary.

Input files

​Higher Education Student:

  • Student Enrolment (EN)
  • Enrolment Revisions (ER)

VET Student:

  • VET Student Enrolment (VEN)
  • VET Enrolment Revisions (VER)

Change History

Details of all versions of this data element can be found on its supporting information page.

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