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564 Type of provider where VET study was undertaken


A code that denotes the type of Vocational and Technical Education provider with whom the qualification or study for which credit/RPL was offered was undertaken, for all students with a commencement date of 2008 or later..


Version: 4.0
First year: 2015
Last year: -
Element name: Type of provider where VET study was undertaken

Code format:

Data Type: Numeric
Units: Code (numeric)
Width: 2


00 No credit/RPL was offered for VET​
10​ University​
19 Other Higher Education Provider​
20 TAFE​
21 Secondary Schools/Colleges​
29 Other Registered Training Organisations​
90 Not elsewhere categorised​

Coding notes

​Where the student has more than one VET qualification or period of study, the details should be recorded for whichever qualification of study contributed the most credit/RPL.

VET only

Reporting of data for this element is optional. VET providers may submit null values (spaces) instead of any of the listed codes

Please refer to the Glossary for further information about terminology used in this document.

Input files

​Higher Education Student:

  • Student Enrolment (EN)
  • Enrolment Revisions (ER)

VET Student:

  • VET Student Enrolment (VEN)
  • VET Enrolment Revisions (VER)

Change History

Details of all versions of this data element can be found on its supporting information page.

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