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TFN LookUp (TL) scope

Version Details

Version: 1.0
First Year: 2018
Last Year: -


The TFN LookUp submission enables providers to check the TFN and personal information for new students to ensure their details can be matched with the data held by the ATO.

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The TFN LookUp can be used at any time to verify a student's TFN.

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The TL submission includes just the elements the ATO requires to verify a student's TFN. It is a subset of the data elements reported in the VET Commonwealth Assisted Students (VET HELP DUE) file.

Information about the structure and the elements in the TL file is in the structure guidelines for the relevant reporting year.

Each record in the TL file must have a unique combination of values for:

These two elements uniquely identify each record on the TL file.

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More information

For more information about terms used in these guidelines see the glossary.

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