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310 Course of study type code


A code which indicates the type of higher education/VET course


Version: 6.0
First year: 2015
Last year: -
Field name: COURSE-TYPE
Element name: Course of study type code

Code format:

Data Type: Numeric
Units: Code (numeric), right justified, with a leading zero if needed
Width: 2


01 Higher Doctorate
02 Doctorate by research
12 Doctorate by coursework
14 Masters (Extended)
03 Masters (Research)
04 Masters (Coursework)
05 Postgraduate Qualifying or Preliminary (for Master's, Doctorate or Higher Doctorate)
06 Graduate Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma (pass or honours) involving new academic, professional or vocational area
07 Graduate Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma (pass or honours) extending skills and knowledge in a professional area previously studied
11 Graduate Certificate
08 Bachelors Graduate Entry
09 Bachelors Honours
10 Bachelors Pass
13 Associate degree
20 Advanced Diploma
21 Diploma
22 Other undergraduate award course
30 Enabling course
41 Cross Institutional program for undergraduate courses at home Higher Education Provider
42 Cross Institutional program for postgraduate courses at home Higher Education Provider
50 Non-award course (including Bridging for overseas trained professionals)
60 Open Universities Australia undergraduate studies
61 Open Universities Australia postgraduate studies
80 VET Graduate Certificate
81 VET Graduate Diploma
82 Certificate IV

Coding notes

Higher Education only

Code post-course legal studies programs which do not lead to an award of the higher education provider as 22 (other undergraduate award course).

Code preparatory courses being undertaken by fee-paying overseas students as 22 (other award course).

Codes 60 and 61 are for Open Universities Australia (OUA) only.

For the department's coding purposes, Higher Doctorates include those awards which are granted in recognition of original work which was not conducted as part of a supervised candidature within the higher education provider.

Applications and Offers only

Higher education providers / Tertiary Admission Centres (TACs)

Offer Details (OD) & Preference Details (PD) - data is required in all submissions.

For TACs refer to TAC Data Elements Map for more information.

TAC only

Use code 99 for “Course below Diploma (AQF terminology)/Associate diploma (pre-AQF terminology)” (e.g. other VET courses).

VET only

VET providers offering VET FEE‑HELP are to report the following codes:

  • 80 (VET Graduate Certificate)
  • 81 (VET Graduate Diploma)
  • 20 (Advanced Diploma)
  • 21 (Diploma)

Codes 80 and 81 should not be reported for state subsidised students.

Code 82 (Certificate IV) can only be reported by VET providers participating in the Certificate IV trial and can only be reported for state subsidised students.

For more information about terms used in these guidelines see the glossary.

Input files

Higher Education Student:

  • Course of Study (CO)

University Applications and Offers:

  • Offer Details (OD)
  • Preference Details (PD)

VET Student:

  • VET Course of Study (VCO)

Change History

Details of all versions of this data element can be found on its supporting information page.

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