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327 New basis for admission to current course


A code which identifies the main criterion used by the Higher Education/VET Provider in granting a student admission to the current course, OR a Higher Education Provider granting an offer/admission to an applicant in a course


Version: 6.0
First year: 2015
Last year: -
Element name: New basis for admission to current course

Code format:

Data Type: Numeric
Units: Code (numeric), right justified, with a leading zero if needed
Width: 2


01 Not a commencing student

A commencing student who was admitted on the basis of: OR
an applicant who is granted an offer on the basis of:

31 A higher education course (Australian or overseas equivalent; complete or incomplete)
33 Secondary education undertaken at school, VET or other Higher Education Provider (Australian or overseas equivalent)
34 A VET award course other than a secondary education course (Australian or overseas equivalent; complete or incomplete)
36 Mature age special entry provisions
37 A professional qualification
29 Other basis

For use by Tertiary Admission Centres only:

99 Basis for admission not specified

Coding notes

Refer to Glossary for the definition of Commencing Student.

Applications and Offers only

HEPs / TACs - Data is required in all submissions.

For TACs refer to TAC Data Elements Map for more information.

VET only

Reporting of data for this element is optional. VET providers may submit null values (spaces) instead of any of the listed codes.

Please refer to the Glossary for further information about terminology used in this document.

Input files

Higher Education Student:

  • Enrolment (EN)
  • Enrolment Revisions (ER)

University Applications and Offers:

  • Offer Details (OD)

VET Student:

  • VET Enrolment (VEN)​
  • VET Enrolment Revisions (VER)

Change History

Details of all versions of this data element can be found on its supporting information page.

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