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Student Revisions (SR) scope

Version Details

Version: 4.0
First Year: 2013
Last Year: 2013


The Student Revisions Submission enables providers to revise elements that have been reported to DEEWR on the Student Load Liability (LL) file.

The Revisions Submission reports details of additions, deletions, remissions or changes due to administrative error. Revisions are reported for a unit(s) of study that has a unit of study census date on or after 1 January 2005. Details of revisions to units of study with a census date prior to 1 January 2005 are to be reported to DEEWR and the ATO as per pre‑2005 instructions. See: Administrative Information for Providers (AIP): Student Support (2013).


Timing of submissions is shown in the Reporting Schedule for the relevant reporting year.


The Student Revisions Submission incorporates two files:

  • The Student Revision (SR) file; and
  • The Revised Student Load Liability (RL) file.

Information about the structure and the elements that are included in the SR Submission can be found in the Student Revision (SR) and Revised Student Load/Liability (RL) structure documents.

Each record in the SR file must have a unique combination of values for:

  • Student Identification Code (E313)
  • Course Code (E307)
  • Unit of Study Code (E354)
  • Academic Organisational Unit Code (E333)
  • Unit of Study Census Date (E489)

These are the key identifiers for a unit of study and uniquely identify each record. A record to be revised will be matched on these elements.

Remission due to special circumstances

Details of remissions must always be provided to DEEWR via the Student Revisions Submission. If the remission is processed prior to the original Load/Liability record being provided to DEEWR in the Student Submission, the details of the remission must be reported to DEEWR in a Revision Submission as soon as possible after the submission of the relevant Student Submission.

Additional records

Generally the Student Revisions Submission excludes student records which have not previously been reported to DEEWR. These records are submitted through the normal Student Submission process.

However additional records may be reported on the Student Revisions Submission in circumstances where, due to administrative error, a unit/s has been omitted from the set of records already reported for a Student (E313)/Course Code (E307) at a particular Unit of Study Census Date (E489).

These records can also be submitted through the normal Student Submission process.

Revisions to previously reported LL records

Detailed information on how to revise previously reported load liability data is available in the Higher Education Revision Guides.

For more information about terms used in this document please refer to the Glossary.

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