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Past Course Completions (PS) scope

Version Details

Version: 4.0
First Year: 2013
Last Year: 2013


The Past Course Completion (PS) Submission contains records of all courses completed by domestic and overseas students undertaking a course of study leading to an award of the institution in the reference year.


The PS Submission is reported once each year. Timing of submissions is shown in the Reporting Schedule for the relevant reporting year.


Information about the structure and the elements that are included in the PS Submission can be found in the structure document for the relevant reporting year.

Each record in the PS Submission must have a unique combination of the following elements:

  • Student Identification Code (E313)
  • Course Code (E307)
  • Specialisation code (E463)
  • Reporting Year / Period (E415)

There must be a related record on the Course of Study Submission for the reference year with a value on the Course Type Code (E310) of an award course.

There can be up to three records for each Student ID (E313)/Course Code E307), as up to three Specialisations (E463) may be reported for the one Student ID (E313)/Course Code (E307).

Records to be excluded

Records are excluded for students who have been admitted under a formal exchange program with an overseas institution.

However, overseas students enrolled in a higher degree by research at the PhD level as part of a co-tutelle arrangement are to be reported on this submission.

Special Cases

  • Where a combined course leads to more than one award, a course completion is only to be reported on the PS Submission when the requirements of all the awards have been met.
    • Records are to be included for students who are granted an award (e.g. BA) after ceasing even though the student was enrolled in combined course (e.g. BA/LLB). However, the Course Code (E307) must be coded to the course for which the award was conceded (e.g. BA) and not the combined course (e.g. BA/LLB).
    • Where a student is granted an award (e.g. BA) after partial completion of the requirements of a combined course which normally leads to a single award (e.g. BA/LLB), and then resumes studies of the combined course in the next year, then the award granted (BA) is not to be reported in the PS Submission.
  • Where a student has completed a course for which ALL units of study have been completed either solely through Open Universities Australia (OUA) or through the OUA and another university, the following reporting procedures apply:
    • In the university’s PS Submission, the value for the Mode of Attendance Code (E329) is to be set to “4” and
    • The value for the Total Exemption Granted (E385) is to be set at 99 indicating in effect that the percentage of the course’s requirements for which exemption was granted is 100%. (This element can not be coded as 100 as it only has a 2-digit field).

      In these circumstances the student is not reported in the university’s Student Submission.

Revisions to Past Course Completions data

Detailed information on how to revise previously reported Past Course Completions data is available in the Higher Education Revision Guides.

For more information about terms used in this document please refer to the Glossary.

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