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OS-HELP (OS) & Revised OS-HELP (RO) scope

Version Details

Version: 4.0
First Year: 2013
Last Year: 2013


OS‑HELP provides financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students to undertake some of the study towards their Australian qualification overseas. OS‑HELP assistance may be used to cover expenses associated with the overseas study, such as airfares, accommodation and other travel or settling expenses.

The OS‑HELP (OS) Submission contains records providing information about students who are in receipt of an OS‑HELP loan.

Information about OS‑HELP is available in the Administrative Information for Providers (AIP): Student Support (2013).


Timing of these submissions is detailed in the Reporting Schedule for the relevant reporting year.


Information about the structure and the elements included in the OS‑HELP Submission can be found in the structure document for the relevant reporting year.

For each record in an OS‑HELP Submission there must be a matching record on the related validated Commonwealth Assisted Students (DU) Submission.

For a student who has an OS‑HELP loan:

  • A record is to be included in the first half year submission where the value for the OS‑HELP Debt Incurral Date (E527) is in the range 1 January YYYY to 30 June YYYY (YYYY = reporting year).
  • A record is to be included in the second half year submission where the value for the OS‑HELP Debt Incurral Date (E527) is in the range 1 July YYYY to 31 December YYYY (YYYY = reporting year).

If a student has received an early payment for a study period, the date of payment is the debt incurral date. The maximum loan that a student can receive is the maximum amount applicable to that year that the student is paid.

Mark is selected for OS‑HELP for 6 months of full-time overseas study that starts on 1 January 2011. He receives his OS‑HELP loan prior to commencing his studies on 1 December 2010. The date on which Mark incurs the OS‑HELP debt is 1 December 2010.

Revisions to OS‑HELP Data

OS‑HELP data that has been reported to DEEWR in a previous OS‑HELP Submission can be revised through the OS‑HELP Revision (OR) Submission.

The OR Submission incorporates two files. These are:

  • OS‑HELP Revision (OR) File; and
  • Revised OS‑HELP (RO) File

The OS‑HELP Revision (OR) Submission also references the Commonwealth Assisted Students (DU) Submission.

The OS‑HELP Revision (OR) Submission scope document provides further information on this revisions process.

Detailed information on how to revise previously reported OS‑HELP data is also available in the Higher Education Revision Guides.

For more information about terms used in this document please refer to the Glossary.

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