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Campus (CM) scope

Version Details

Version: 4.0
First Year: 2013
Last Year: 2013


The Campus (CM) Submission contains information that will support the publication of higher education course information on the MyUniversity website.

The CM Submission also includes information on offshore courses to support the Transnational Quality Strategy.


Timing of these submissions is detailed in the Reporting Schedule for the relevant reporting year.


The Campus Submission consists of a single CM File.

Information about the structure and the elements that are included in the CM Submission can be found in the structure document for the relevant reporting year.

All courses (E307) reported on the Course of Study file that meet the following conditions must be reported on the Campus Submission:

  • The course is an undergraduate or postgraduate course work course, where Course of Study Type Code (E310) equals 04 - 14, 20, 21 or 22, which offers Commonwealth Supported and/ or Domestic Fee paying places;
  • The course is an offshore course where element E571 on the campus submission is reported as ‘1’ or ‘2’.

Where a Course (E307) is offered at more than one location a record is to be provided for the course at each Campus Location (E525).

Reporting new or additional courses for the reporting year

New courses that are additional to those included in the initial Campus Submission for the reporting year can be reported as required on an additional Campus Submission at any time during the year.

Revisions to Campus Data

Information on how to revise previously reported Campus data is available in Higher Education Revision Guides.

For more information about terms used in this document please refer to the Glossary.

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