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Higher Education Staff Data Collection - 2013 Reporting Requirements

Reporting requirements - Overview

General information about reporting requirements for the Higher Education Staff Data Collection including information about the data collection, the latest Ministerial Notice and how you submit data can be found on the Overview page.

Reporting requirements may be updated from time to time. Providers must keep up to date about any changes which may be made. The department provides information prior to the release of reporting requirements through the HEIMS Data Collections eNews.

All documents for the 2013 reporting requirements are provided below. They are also available in hard copy or PDF/RTF formats by phoning HEIMS Data Collections on (02) 6240 7487 or emailing HEIMS.datacollections@DEEWR.gov.au.

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2013 Reporting Schedule

The following documents provide the reporting schedule for the Higher Education Staff Data Collection for the 2013 reporting year. Providers should be aware that submissions for the 2013 Higher Education Staff Data Collection is due 30 June 2013. Verification of Staff Data commences on 15 July and the deadline for sign off is 15 August.

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2013 Scope and Structure Documents

Each submission you make to the department includes one or more files.

This section provides the scope and structure for each file required for the Higher Education Student Data Collection for the 2013 Reporting Year.

Scope documents provide information about the range of data that you need to include in a submission and what provider type (ie Table A, Table B, Table C or private provider) reports it.

Structure documents provide information about the data elements that are included in a file and the order in which they are reported.

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2013 Data Elements

Each file includes a number of data elements (or variables)

This section provides specifications for the elements. The specifications for each element are provided through the links below.

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