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Offer Details (OD)

The Offer Details File comprises data records for all offers and responses to offers for admission to a higher education undergraduate award course made through a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) or directly by a Higher Education Provider (HEP).

The data reported in the records of the Offers Details File provides information on the offers made in response to an applicant’s preferences (e.g. field of education, preference ordinal position) as at the Reference Date.

Data records are included for offers to all current preferences. The preference ordinal position of the offer record is that of the preference in the current set of preferences as at the Reference Date.

Each unique value for Element 700 (Application identification code) may have zero, one or multiple records in the Offer Details File as each offer recorded is reported as a separate data record.

The number of records linked to each unique value for Element 700 (Application identification code) will depend on:

  • If an offer is made to an applicant;
  • The number of offers made to an applicant; and
  • The administrative practices related to recording offers.


The Offer Details File is one of three files included in the Applications Details Submission. Other files included are the Applications Details (AD) file and Preference Details (PD) File.

Timing of these submissions is detailed in the Timing Matrix for the relevant reporting year which is available on the Data Requirements page.


The Offer Details data element specification document provides the complete set of elements that are to be reported.

In recognition that there are variations in the administrative process of institutions, some fields are discretionary despite being of key interest for the Department. Discretionary elements should have values reported unless data is not collected under current administrative processes. For mandatory elements, generic or ‘no information’ values should be submitted in exceptional cases only.

For data submissions through HEPCAT please refer to Offer Details File – Structure document for the relevant reporting year on HEIMSHELP.

For data submissions via web services please refer to the Application and Offers Technical Specifications.

Matching records

Each record in the Offer Details (OD) File must have a record in the Application Details (AD) and at least one record in the Preference Details (PD), identified by a concatenation of matched values for:

  • Element 700 (Application identification code); and
  • the Submitter code.

Records to be included

Include one data record in the Offer Details File for each offer made against a preference to an applicant with a valid application.

Valid applications are applications by domestic persons with at least one current preference for a Commonwealth supported place in a higher education undergraduate award course identified through Element 724 (Sector code) concatenated with Element 358 (Citizen/resident indicator) and Element 310 (Course of study type code).

Special Cases

Offers for the following may also be reported:

  • Bridging or enabling or non-award courses (Element 310 – Course of study type code)Postgraduate courses (Element 310 - Course of study type code)
  • Domestic fee-paying undergraduate courses (Element 724 – Sector code)
  • Courses in the VET sector (Element 724 – Sector code)
  • Intakes subsequent to the intake for the commencing period nearest the Reference Date (Element 709 - Intake date)
  • Preferences no longer listed on an application (Element 713 – Preference ordinal position).


Data records are not included in the Offer Details for applicants for whom there are no matching Application Details records.

Data records are also not included for:

  • Simulated, trial or dummy offers; or
  • Notices of intention to offer subject to satisfaction of entry requirements as pre-conditions to enrolment; or

Duplicate offers reproduced for operational reasons (e.g. to replace lost or misdirected offer letters).

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