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711 Interstate Transfer Index


A code indicating the overall measure of student achievement on completion of an Australian Year 12 qualification as reported by TACs


Version: 1.1
First year: 2010
Last year: -
Field name: ITI-SCORE
Element name: Interstate Transfer Index

Code format:

Data Type: Character
Units: Code (numeric), with an explicit decimal place in the third character position and leading zeroes if needed
Width: 5


00.00 to 99.95 Interstate transfer index for a applicant who completed the major Year 12 qualification in the current year

Coding notes

The Interstate Transfer Index is a mixed decimal number with the fifth character position either '0' or '5' of the value for the common index that has been agreed by MCEETYA.

Current year means the year in which the most recent Australian State and territory school-leaver cohorts completed Year 12

Report bbbbb if:

  • the applicant has not qualified for an Interstate Transfer Index; or
  • the applicant's score is unknown

Note: Element 711 is not included in the AD file for HEPs.  Element 369 (Tertiary Entrance Score) or Element 710 (International Baccalaureate aggregate score) are reported instead.

Please refer to the Glossary for further information about terminology used in this document.

Input files

Applications and Offers:

  • Application Details (schema) – TACs only​

Change History

Details of all versions of this data element can be found on its supporting information page.

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